Great benefits!

Free registration

Register an unlimited number of compositions

Professional global exposure

Sale through advanced web shop

Accessible for students

High profit margins

Great support

For composers

Lay out guidelines

Edition MatchingArts (EMA) is a publishing house for students, as well as early staged and established composers.

Some benefits of being published by EMA:

- your works globally visible

- free registration

- unlimited registrations of compositions

- accessible for students

- detailed product page with information, audio links, previews and links to composers'Profiles

- you have the option of designing your front page

- free promotion of your work

- 65% profit split

- the composer is allowed to continue to self-publish his or her work, with or without EMA's copy

- good prices for digitalizing and editing of the scores

- mainly digital sale through web shop

- EMA provides the work with front pages and serial numbers

- your product will be visible in our catalogue and placed in our search engine


Procedure for registering yourself and your work with Edition MatchingArts (EMA)

1) Join the MatchingArts Collective by creating a profile on our website. With your profile you will receive a unique code that you will need in order to register your compositions to EMA

2)Fill out the Composers Registration Form completely [and truthfully] and submit. After approval of your registration you will receive the Sheet Music Publishing Agreement by email. Please send a signed copy back to us (digitally or by post) and you will receive one signed by us for your own purposes.

3) At this point you can register your works using the Composition Registration Form. As soon as EMA approves the composition, you will be contacted about the score and [the composer] will be requested to send the finalized score and parts. Please note that you will need to consult the layout requirements first.

4) EMA will further prepare your score for publishing, at which point will receive a digital copy. EMA will also send you an updated copy of the Sheet Music Publishing Agreement with an overview of all your published pieces.

5) For every new composition, steps 3 and 4 need will be repeated.

How it works

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